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Foundation in Politics & International Relations

We live in a diverse and complex world. Immerse yourself in the fascinating ideologies and debates that influence 21st century life, examine relationships between nations, and learn how politics has shaped our past and continues to shape our future.

Special features

  • The Friendship Initiative Programme connects students with leaders from organisations such as the NHS and Virgin Atlantic, offering networking and mentoring opportunities

Pathways at the University of Plymouth

High school

Stage 1

Stage 2



Your UoP degree


Fees for 2019/20

EU: £9,250


Fees for 2020/21

EU: £9,250

International: £ 8,750 or £13,200


Two semesters


September, January.


One-semester short course available in May.

Foundation Syllabus

Semester 1

  • ILS1AND3 - Interactive Learning Skills and Communication

  • SCI101MB - Numerical Techniques 1

  • BUS107 - Principles of ICT

  • BUS108 - Business Law

Semester 2

  • BUS101 - Accounting

    You will learn about the importance of accounting and financial reporting. Topics include profit and loss, trading accounts and budgetary control.
    How will I be assessed? 70% exam, 30% coursework

  • BUS105 - Business Studies

  • BUS103 - Economics

  • BUS106 - Academic Writing

Progression rule to Stage 2

Minimum 50% pass mark in all modules with minimum 85% attendance required across all modules.

Stage 2:Degree

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