University of Plymouth International College

First Year in Environmental Sciences

Jump straight into the first year of your Environmental Science degree, but benefit from an integrated approach that offers a supported transition to studying in the UK.
If your IELTS score and high school leaving grades exceed the requirements for foundation entry, this option is for you. The Interactive Learning Skills and Communication (ILSC) module is taught at the college, but the rest of the course is taught at the University.

Special features

  • ILSC: extra support with study and communication skills during the first year of your degree, preparing you for success at undergraduate level
  • Optional placement year

Pathways at the University of Plymouth

High school

Stage 1: UPIC

Stage 2: UoP


First year of your UoP degree

Second year of your UoP degree


Fees for 2021/22

International: £14,750

Fees for 2022/23

International: £15,250


Two semesters



University modules

  • Sustainability Science

    Students are introduced to environmental systems and sustainability at a variety of scales. Training in the skills of environmental investigations is delivered through field and laboratory work. Personal and professional development are supported through tutorials and workshops focusing on transferable skills and professionalism.

  • Environmental Management and Protection

  • Environmental Pollution

  • The Biosphere

  • The Physical Environment

  • Global Environmental Changes

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UPIC module

  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication (ILSC)

Stage 2: degree

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