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First Year in Education

Do you have ambitions of working with children and nurturing their development? Or maybe you dream of making wider impact through leading societal change? Whatever your passion in education, our pathway programme is your first step.

  • Did you know the University of Plymouth is ranked 25th in the UK for Education (The Guardian, 2021)?

Pathways at the University of Plymouth

High school

Stage 1

Stage 2


First year of your UoP degree

Second year of your UoP degree


Fees for 2021/22

International: £14,750


Fees for 2022/23

International: £14,750



Two semesters



University modules

Modules for Early Childhood Studies

  • An Introduction to Early Childhood Studies

    A series of lectures given by members of the Early Childhood Studies team, focusing on their own research, interests and enthusiasms, plus weekly seminars. The diversity of interests and approaches introduced in lectures will be balanced by process of developing study skills and integrating themes and ideas by means of active engagement in small seminar groups.

  • Understanding Development; Biology and Psychology

  • Politics for Equality

  • Places and Spaces for Learning and Playing

  • Children in Society

  • Multi Professional Perspectives

Modules for Education

  • An Introduction to Critical Questions

  • An Introduction to Perspectives on Disability and Inclusive Education

  • Introduction to Global Education

  • Equality and Justice in Education

  • Debating Values in Education

  • Praxis for change

UPIC module

  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication (ILSC)

Stage 2: degree

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