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The Ultimate Guide to UK Nursing Degrees

Would you like to make a difference in people’s lives?

Would you like to leave work every day with that warm inner satisfaction that you have helped someone when it matters most?

Would you like to be looked up to as a role model in your community that others aspire to?

If you've answered 'YES' to the above questions, then take the first step to becoming a qualified Nurse by downloading our guide today.

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If you think you’re ready to take the first step in your journey to becoming a Nurse, then download our guide today. Full of tips, tricks, and golden nuggets of advice, The Ultimate Guide to UK Nursing Degrees for International Students will give you a running head start, putting you ahead of the class!

In this brand-new guide, we’ve spoken to seasoned experts to answer common questions and share some of the best kept secrets – all to make your University application a success. You will also get to hear the views of existing Nursing students from overseas.

Guide Contents
  • > Why should I start a career in Nursing?
  • > 3 golden reasons why you should choose to study Nursing in the UK
  • > What are the different types of Nursing courses?
  • > Student View – Victor
  • > How do I apply for a Nursing degree in the UK?
  • > Make your Nursing application stand out from the crowd with this one simple trick
  • > What is the 6C’s model and why you need to know it
  • > Student View – Tobenna
  • > Which work placements will I experience on your course?
  • > Studying Nursing with the University of Plymouth

And there's more...

Save ₦2,700,000 or GH₵39,000 with a Nursing Scholarship

Launching a career in Nursing is a selfless decision; you’ll be dedicating your working life to helping others – which is why we want to help you financially as a way of saying thank you.

With this in mind, we’ll also share how you can be a fully qualified Nurse from as early as August 2025 and save £6,000 on your tuition fees in the process. (£6000 converts to around ₦2,700,000 or GH₵39,000 as of 21/05/2019). All of this golden advice is contained within the guide – so enter your details now to make sure you don’t miss out!

Case Studies

Nursing in the UK is really good; I’d advise any prospective student to come. It’s important to do research before leaving home and have an idea of what to expect. Download ‘The Ultimate Guide to UK Nursing Degrees’ today to read the full interviews with Victor and Tobenna.

Full case study available inside e-guide

When people hear about Nursing, or anything medical, they always have this perception that it is very difficult. My advice is, if I can do it, I believe everyone can do it. If you are scared that it is going to be challenging academically then don’t worry. When you come, you get the best possible help and support, you have everything from experienced lecture and expert Nurses guiding you.

Full case study available inside e-guide