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Parent FAQs

Please visit Current Students FAQ and Future Student FAQs for further information based on the status of your son/daughter.


Q: Who should I contact if I’m concerned about my son/daughter who is still in the UK and enrolled at UPIC?

A: Our student support team is doing everything possible to support our students during this time. If you have any questions regarding your family member please contact us via student.support@upic.plymouth.ac.uk or +447875372004


Q: How are you supporting students who are still in the UK?

A: We are facilitating regular calls as a method of engagement and support for their health and welfare, in addition to the delivery of online teaching by their current academic teaching staff.


Q: My son/daughter is in University accommodation, will it remain open?

A: Yes, all students with a tenancy agreement are still able to continue staying in their accommodation during this period.


Q: I am concerned about the mental health of my son/daughter during this time in isolation. How are you supporting?

A: Face-to-face teaching might have stopped, but that doesn’t mean support is no longer available. All UPIC and University of Plymouth students have access to ‘The Big White Wall’ an online safe community to support your mental health 24/7. UPIC student support team are providing regular video catch-up calls for all current students to engage with the college and interact with one another. If you are seriously concerned for your family members’ health please contact our emergency phone line: +447875372004


Q:  My son/daughter is thinking of studying in Plymouth. Are there any online events or seminars hosted by UPIC?

A: Yes, we will be publishing details of upcoming online events. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions at info@upic.plymouth.ac.uk